Our Building Team

Our mission is to build an Orthodox sanctuary that will also be a
landmark for the city and a beacon for all Orthodox Christians: a
timeless church with Byzantine standards, a church like those which
currently exist in monasteries and cities throughout Greece.
Acknowledging rules of art and craftsmanship, and with the purpose
to preserve and venerate our Orthodox religion and traditions
through a House of God, we purposefully chose the design of a
Domed Basilica church with strong Byzantine elements. 

  • Each church we build is meant to be a spiritual sanctuary: a place that the
    members of your community will all be able to call “home”. We create a
    House of God that is as functional and as inspiring as it is beautiful.
  • SOLID & STRONG, with a one-piece shell (walls of 10-inch
    concrete and roof of 8-inch concrete) and reinforced steel bars.
    Walls are covered with carved stones and bricks; roofs are covered
    with ceramic or slate tiles.
  • INCREDIBLE LONGEVITY: it will last for 700+ years.
    * Fire
    * Hurricanes
    * Earthquakes
    * Mold and mildew
    * Lightning

TIMELESS ICONOGRAPHY. The inside of the church will be
covered with two coats of stucco so that the iconography will also
last for centuries,  paralleling the legacy and style of old churches
in Greece, which have survived for over 5 centuries.

Such a church furthermore reigns as an undeniable local landmark and an
impressive monument for its city and state, as well as a physical
sanctuary against dangerous weather.

To do something like this requires more money, more planning, and more
work—especially being done in the U.S.—than the creation of a typical
Greek American styled church. The majority of other American Orthodox
communities can’t dream of this, due to the expense and especially
the lack of knowledge for capably creating this type of structure.

We accomplish this by using the craftsmanship of experienced Greek
workers and Greek companies that are familiar with the respective
metalwork, masonry, marbles, etc.

Due to these conditions and these connections, we are able to help you build this church with tremendous
quality at an excellent price. Our work is based on decades of
experience and insight. 

Bring to life a dream and a place that will serve as a lighthouse in your
community, for your generation and for many generations to come!